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Painting or Staining the Deck ? What is more effective?
Finishing a newly installed wooden deck or refinishing an older one will protect it from moisture- and weather-related damage and prolong its lifespan. While both exterior paint and wood stain can do the job,… Read More
Direct from the author Desk
At the point when we talk about the home's outdoor space then we generally consider decks. Outdoor space of a home is nothing but just an extended area of the interior. It is a place which delights us… Read More
Monitoring and Maintaining your Deck
Decks is basically built of wood which has to face a lot of ups and downs in daily life. When your decks start showing symptoms that it needs care and repair, you need to pay attention to it. Whenever you… Read More
Deck Restoration with the industry best deck organizer
A deck is a extension to your home. Like the space inside your home, it also requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Wooden decks can retrograde easily without proper care and regular maintenance. They get… Read More
Tips on Best Deck Sanding Tools
Perfect deck is a dream for everyone. But just like a pet it also require care and maintenance. There are variety of sanders available in market that are used to sand a deck. One can use standard orbital… Read More
Welcome to MelbourneDeckMasters
Hello Bloggers ! As this is our first post, so let me introduce you with MelbourneDeckMasters. As the name suggests we are the deck engineers. We want to help you to maintain your home at an affordable price… Read More
How to deal environmental effects on your deck?
Deck being an external property are more prone to environmental variations. It is better to develop habit of maintenance that will look after your deck and avoid costly repairs. During the spring season, it… Read More
Deck Recoating
We only use the best quality coatings, either oil or water based. We have the knowledge, expertise and experience that allow us to make the best choices depending on your timbers make, weather exposure,… Read More
Deck cleaning, sanding & refinishing services
A beautifully refinished deck, well maintained and protected from the harsh Australian climate, is not just about relaxed outdoor lifestyle or increasing your home value. Deck that is in poor condition… Read More