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Deck Services

A beautifully refinished deck, well maintained and protected from the harsh Australian climate, is not just about relaxed outdoor lifestyle or increasing your home value. Deck that is in poor condition increases risk of slips, falls and is not safe, especially for children and elderly people.

The cost of professional deck cleaning, repair or rebuilding depends on many factors, including size, the materials from which it is made and the condition of the deck. Restoration of an over-sized deck that needs extensive work, such as replacement of areas affected by mould and rot, may be more costly than reviving smaller deck that was properly maintained.

Understanding which type of services will work in your situation and getting the best can save you a lot of money.

Deck Restoration

Have you noticed discolouration, cracked or soft boards, loose or corroded nails and bolts? If you think that your deck is unsightly, this is not the biggest problem; it may also be dangerous to use. At Melbourne Deck Masters we have over 10 years of experience of dealing with cracked decking, deteriorated or badly split timber, and bringing your deck to its original condition.

Deck Restoration Services

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Deck Sanding

We use a unique soft brush Germany Engineered Sander, which removes all previous coatings, dirt, moss and mildew without water, high pressure and chemicals.  Even most stubborn layers are effortlessly and thoroughly removed by the brush. Most importantly, unlike conventional belt sanders with abrasive belts that remove at least 3mm from the board, there is no loss of the timber profile. Our brush sander removes the coating and dirt only improving your deck’s appearance without damaging the wood.


Deck Staining and Oiling Services

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Deck Staining & Oiling

We only use the best quality coatings, either oil or water based. We have the knowledge, expertise and experience that allow us to make the best choices depending on your timbers make, weather exposure, previous coating, and other factors. If you are tired of recoating your deck every year, let Deck Masters recoat your deck and put the "wow" factor back in your outdoor entertainment areas – easily and inexpensively.

Deck Sanding Services

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Deck Maintenance

Regular deck maintenance is essential for protecting your deck from the elements and keeping it in good condition for years. Once your deck is repaired, restored and rejuvenated, Melbourne Deck Masters will show you how to check your deck for problems, clean your deck and maintain it properly. We can schedule annual visits and take care of your deck. Our clients use the ongoing maintenance service as it saves them bigger problems and expense in the long run.

Deck Maintenance Services

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